An intuitive analytics tool
for display marketing


Client: Bannerflow
Role: UI/UX Designer

As part of the on-going project to create a new, more modern and user-friendly version of Bannerflow, I was tasked with creating the new and refreshed analytics module of the platform. All in all, this project included a complete revamping of both the back-end, front-end and UI of the module. Starting in late 2016 I did everything from idea generation, wire-framing, prototyping, usability testing, and designing the final UI. The project ended in July 2017 when we released the 1.0 version to all of Bannerflow's customers.

Initial Stage

When researching current analytics tools and Bannerflow's users and their needs, we came to the conclusions:

- To have a clean, uncluttered dashboard. Don’t flood the user with data.
- To provide an overview and allow users to drill-down into the data.
- To Use visualisations and colours that aid the user.
- To create not the most advanced or powerful solution, but a perspicuous and intuitive one.



Trend bar. Comparing data from time period previous to current time period.

Showing more level of detail and info depending on state.


After a 3 month closed beta period, collecting feedback and fine tuning the product, we finally released the new analytics module to all of Bannerflow users on the 10th of July 2017.  It was very well recieved by the users as it improved the feedback loop between marketers and designers. Providing display marketing designers with further insight into their ad productions. 

Tools and Assets


Professional digital design for Mac.

Turn your screens into live, clickable prototypes.

Agile issue and project tracking for software teams.

Bannerflow Blog: new and improved analytics
Blog post announcing the platform update.